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I have never shot a gun before, where do I start?

We recommend starting out with our one-on-one Skill-Building Sessions to get familiar with a handgun. After getting accustomed to what shooting feels like, you can determine what gun works best for you. You will receive the knowledge needed to become a confident gun owner!

Do I need to purchase a gun to attend one of your courses?

No you do not! There are multiple guns available for rent and use at the training facility. We recommend you do not purchase a handgun prior to the courses if you have never shot a gun before. This will help you determine what gun is the best fit for YOU during our training sessions.

Do I need to bring my own ear and eye protection?

It is recommended that you supply your own ear and eye protection. This is so you have the most comfortable protective gear that fits your body. If you do not own any ear and eye protection, the training facility has some available for purchase.

What should I wear to my training session?

Please arrive to your session with arms, legs, and feet fully covered. Hot ammunition casings can cause damage if they come in direct contact with your skin.

Do I need an HQL to fire at a gun range?

No. An HQL is only required to purchase and own a firearm.

I have a permit/CCW from my state. Is this valid in Maryland?

No. Maryland does not recognize permits/CCWs from any other state.

What handgun is the best for concealed carry?

There is a lot that goes into picking the best handgun for concealed carry. To pick the perfect handgun, you must start with answering these questions.

  • Which gun feels the most comfortable to you while shooting and handling?

  • Can your body type and preferred clothing conceal the type of gun you have selected?

  • How do you prefer to wear your handgun on your body?

  • How many rounds of ammunition do you want to carry?

These are just some of the questions that go into selecting the perfect handgun for your concealed carry needs. By taking a one-on-one individual Skill-Building Course, we can help you answer these questions and find the perfect handgun for you.

What is the best handgun for girls?

First things first, there is NO such thing! The best way to determine what handgun is best for YOU is to practice with multiple, different firearms in all sizes and calibers.

What if I have to reschedule my training session?

No problem! Please get in contact with us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled training session so we can reschedule your course.

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